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Lupo's Premium Spiedie & Grilling Marinades

The Spiedie... If you grew up in the Southern Tier of New York State then you know the Spiedie represents many things to many people. For some it marks the start of the beautiful Upstate New York grilling season. For others, it represents grilling in the backyard, the myriad of hot air balloons found at the annual Spiedie fest and childhood memories of outdoor gatherings with the family. Regardless of what a Spiedie means to you, there is one name that has been associated with the Spiedie for nearly 30 years, the premium marinades crafted by Sam Lupo & Sons.

Our coveted Spiedie marinade is the recipe that is often imitated, but never quite duplicated. A perfect blend of Italian spices, premium olive oils, vinegar and garlic make our Spiedie marinade one of the most coveted marinades from coast to coast. Now, you can order our Speidie and other fine marinades directly from our website and shipped to your home in less than a week. We also sell pre-marinated Spiedie meat, cold packed and delivered to your door with a fresh bag of bread from the area's famous Battaglini or Felix Roma Bakeries. We invite you to order from us today and be transported back to a time when the smell of Spiedies on the grill permeated the neighborhood and sounded the bell that spring had officially arrived.

Lupo's Featured in MY TOWN Magazine

We are honored to have been featured in the September 2018 edition of "My Town" magazine. My Town puts a spotlight on local businesses including their history and impact on their local community. Click here to read the full piece.

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