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Grill Wok

Grill Wok

Maximize the smoky barbecue flavor of your grill or smoker in your grilled vegetables and marinated Lupo's Spiedies with a Square Grill Wok. Wok features loads of holes to allow the smoky air of the grill around, over, and under the food in the wok for more even cooking and flavor absorption. Square Grill Wok holds an impressive 8-10 cups of food, giving you lots of cooking capability. Rolled handles for easy carrying. Non-stick metal construction.

  • Features: Great choice for grilled vegetables and side dishes from the grill
  • Holes in wok's sides allow smoky air to circulate around the food
  • Delivers even cooking and great flavor absorption
  • 8-10 cup capacity
  • Rolled handles for easy carrying
  • Non-stick metal construction
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Model CC-3008
Price:   $25.00