Create Your Own Spiedie Pack

Create Your Own Spiedie Pack

Please note meat orders have to be placed by end of day Tuesday of the same week they are to be delivered. Shipments can be sent from our office on Wednesdays for next day delivery.

Now you can create your own custom marinated spiedie pack! Choose from Chicken, Pork, Lamb or Beef. Each pack generously feeds about 2 people and are marinated at least 24 hours prior to purchase.

Please note that Lamb Spiedies are $14.99/lb

Hint: Feel free to mix and match different types of marinated spiedie meat by adding multiple spiedie packs to your shopping cart. Now everyone at the barbecue can enjoy their favorite marinated spiedie meat!

Shipping: Our marinated spiedie meat is shipped in an ultra-sturdy shipping container together with dry ice to insure the freshest flavor.

Price:   $8.50
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