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Spiedie FAQ

Do you have questions about our famous Lupo's Spiedies?  You've found the right place.  Get all your questions answered and find out why Lupo's Spiedies are a barbeque staple in Upstate New York.

Where did the term "Spiedie" originate?

The name spiedie comes from "spiedo," the Italian word for "spit," and the sandwich originally was skewered cubes of marinated lamb that were grilled to a crisp and pulled off the spit using the slice of Italian bread that you ended up eating it with.

What's the best way to cook a Spiedie?

After a 24 marinade in Lupo's Spiedie Marinade, the best way to cook a traditional Lupo's Spiedie is with metal skewers. Push 5-7 cubes of your preferred meat onto the metal skewers and grill for 10-12 minutes rotating as you cook.  Cooking times vary depending on your grill temperature.  Be sure not to overcook the spiedies.  When you think they're finished take the largest piece of meat off the grill and cut in half.  When there is no pink in the middle of the spiedie, you're ready to serve.

If cooking a large batch of spiedies, be sure to check out Lupo's Grill Wok.  It's a great way to evenly cook spiedies on the grill without piercing the meat making them even more juicy and delicious.

What type of meats are Spiedie's made from?

The first Spiedies were made from lamb but today chicken and pork are most popular.  Ask any traditional Spiedie lover and they'll tell you there's nothing like a delicious traditional lamb Spiedie wrapped in our local Italian bread.

What's the proper way to eat a Spiedie after it comes off the grill?

This one is simple.  Grab a piece of soft, hand-cut italian bread, squeeze the cooked spiedies tightly in the bread and pull off the skewer.  For a little extra kick, sprinkle a little extra Lupo's Spiedie marinade on the sandwich.  Also be sure to try spiedies on your salad for a healthy way to spice up a meal.

Where did the Lupo's original spiedie recipe come from?

Lupo's original Spiedie marinade, which consists of oil, vinegar, and a closely guarded recipe of dry Italian spices that the family has been using since 1951, came into the culinary dictionary when Sam Lupo Sr. and his brother John opened a meat market that specialized in spiedie meat (Lupo's S&S Char Pit opened in 1978).

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